Welcome to the Federalist Society Lawyers Convention 2012 #FedSoc2012

November 15th, 2012

This is my 7th convention. Day 1 is wrapping up shortly. Unfortunately my blogging was curtailed by a late flight (I teach Wednesday nights) and some interviews for my book, so I was not able to blog much of the day. The afternoon session is wrapping up now, and soon we will saunter over to the Marriott Wardman for the annual dinner, attended by Justice Alito. I’ve learned my lesson, and will not post any video (ask me in private about the time I received a frantic phone call from the Justice’s chambers).

Attendance seems a bit lighter than in past years, but it may pick up tomorrow. Also, people do not seem nearly as beat up over the election as I anticipated. I remember after the 2008 election everyone was quite visibly upset. Here, not so much. I already heard one former Romney staffer, cheer onwards to 2016!

More blogging tomorrow. I’ll cover the panels on separation of powers, affirmative action, and others, plus addresses by Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee!