“Tyler and I wish to be perfectly clear: unlike Coursera, we will not shut down MRU to the residents of Minnesota”

October 19th, 2012

Unlike Coursera, Marginal Revolutions University,  operated by libertarian icons Tyler Cown and Alex Tabarrok, will not back down from Minnesota’s policy of banning free online education.

Tyler and I wish to be perfectly clear: unlike Coursera, we will not shut down MRU to the residents of Minnesota. We are prepared to defend our rights under the First Amendment to teach the good people of Minnesota all about the Solow Model, water policy in Africa, and the economics of garlic–even if we have to do so from a Minnesota jail!

The Institute for Justice should represent them. And Cato should write an amicus brief on their behalf. Just to close the loop.

Update: It looks like Minnesota will be changing this insane policy shortly. The WaPo reports:

Pogemiller, according to the e-mail, said a 20-year-old statute requiring institutional registration clearly did not envision free online, not-for-credit offerings.

“When the legislature convenes in January, my intent is to work with the Governor and Legislature to appropriately update the statute to meet modern-day circumstances,” said Pogemiller. “Until that time, I see no reason for our office to require registration of free, not-for-credit offerings.”