Today I will be presenting at the Mid-Atlantic Law and Society Association Meeting at Drexel School of Law

October 19th, 2012

Here is the program. The topic of the meeting is “Using Law and Society Knowledge for the Social Good.” I will be presenting on a panel on Friday at 1:15.

Panel 1-3: Definitions, Doctrines, and Legal Conceptions
Chair: Michael Paris, College of Staten Island: CUNY
a. Jared Burns, (Temple University) Defining Sustainability–‐ A Challenge for 21st Century
b. Annie Decker, (Cardozo University) Local Common Law
c. Aaron Petty, (Leiden University) “Faith, However Defined”: Hosanna-Tabor, JFS, And Judicial
Conceptions Of “Religion”
d. Josh Blackman, (South Texas College of Law) Unprecedented

Total coincidence that the chair of the panel is from the College of Staten Island! Or is it?

See anyone in the Philly area!