Wait a minute…Did Akhil Amar Forget About Orin Kerr on the Volokh Conspiracy?

September 15th, 2012

When Akhil started his blogging on Monday, he laid out a plan of attack for the week:

Here’s my plan for the week. Today, I am posting below a long response to Randy Barnett’s long review of my long new book, which my many fans (all four of them!) have been eagerly awaiting for a long time. (It has been seven years since I published my last book, America’s Constitution: A Biography, the prequel to my latest effort.) Tomorrow, I will discuss a few passages of my Unwritten Constitution book that build on Eugene’s work on the history of American freedom of speech — passages that also cast new light on the recent unpleasantness between Richard Posner and Antonin Scalia. On Wednesday, I will reprint the passage of my new book that takes aim at David Bernstein’s recent book on Lochner, and expand briefly on my critique of my old friend, David. On Thursday, I will offer a quick corrective to another YLS grad who hangs out on this site, Ilya Somin. On Friday, I will try to outflank Orin Kerr from the right, by summarizing the parts of the book that call for the immediate end to the exclusionary rule.

Friday has come and gone, and no post about Orin. What gives? Did he have too much of David’s “thin gruel”? Did Ilya make too many “goofs”? Maybe Randy’s lack of a response was “unprecedented.”

Perhaps Amar sold out of copies of his book, and he will continue his blog posts following a second printing–after we have all had time to read it.

We can only hope that Akhil will come back to give Orin his just comeuppance for agreeing with the exclusionary rule.