End Of An Era: The Once and Future Shore

August 30th, 2012

I observe a moment of silence today. Jersey Shore has been cancelled. This moment is bittersweet. The tanned troupe of Seaside brought me much laughter and wincing. Though, I think putting a hold on this show is a good thing. Not because the show has become stale, or repetitive, or overexposed (all of which are true). Rather, I view this cancellation as a form of conservation and preservation.

In much the same way that we must not unduly interfere with indigenous people, who have limited access to the outside world, we must strive to preserve the native Jerseyites in their natural habitat. The more we expose them to the outside world, and bring outsiders and posers into their simple shoreside abodes, the more we risk dilluting, and indeed destroying the culture that Jersey has spent decades perfecting, and tanning.

This past week, Snooki and her baby-daddy brought a new baby into world–a new member of tomorrow’s New Jersey.

So, MTV, my hat is off to you for thinking long-term. By stopping the show, you may have saved the Shore for generations to come, so Snooki’s spawn can enjoy the beach in peace (assuming he can find it).