Last night I had a dream that Justice Kagan was yelling at me at the Supreme Court

August 21st, 2012

For some reason I was inside the Supreme Court (not too implausible, really) and was walking near Justice Kagan’s chambers. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but for some reason, Justice Kagan thought I called her to come outside for something. I didn’t say anything. Then when she comes out she asks me, “what do you want?” with a very mean attitude. I try to be calm, and say, “I didn’t ask you anything.” She doesn’t believe me. Then she starts scolding me, and telling me that I shouldn’t be wasting her time.┬áIn the dream, she was very mean, almost irate. Almost as if I had some history of ticking her off.

Then, as she is turning around, she says something to the effect of “the only reason you are here is because you are so good-looking.” (Please psychoanalyze my vanity at your own convenience). If only getting hired at the Court was so easy.

After she went back into her chambers, I walked away, ashamed.

This is probably (hopefully?) the closest I’ll ever get to being fired as a Supreme Court clerk (not too implausible, really).

The things I dream about. I should start a category of SCOTUS dreams. I have them somewhat frequently.