“Life, liberty, and… the pursuit of unfettered access to Costco?”

August 13th, 2012

There is so much awesome in this story, I don’t even know where to start. Apparently Canadians are crossing the border from Vancouver into Bellingham Washington to purchase cheap milk with weak dollars at Costco! Price controls! Farm subsidies! Costco! Canadians! This story is awesome.

That’s a right some residents in Bellingham, Wash., are lobbying for after droves of Canadians began flooding the Costco there, taking advantage of the Canadian dollar’s buying power relative to the US currency.

According to the Daily Mail, the financial disparity means that Canadians can easily drive across the border (30 miles away), to stock up on goods that are more expensive back home — namely cheap milk and fuel.

KIRO reports that Bellingham police have been called in to assist with crowd control as the store sells out of two semi-trucks full of milkevery day.

Why the rush for milk? Dairy Farmers Of Canada, a trade group there, notes thatCanadian dairy farmers don’t receive any government subsidies to produce milk. Meanwhile, just across the border, US farmers do receive a subsidy. The result, speculates KIRO, means that milk costs more in Canada than it does in America.

Good for the Canucks for taking advantage of free trade and market distortions. So what do the Americans want?

American-only time!

The drive for milk in Bellingham has even led to the creation of a Facebook page, with over 2,000 “likes” as of this writing, urging Costco to limit Canadian access at certain times.

Titled “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans,” the page features photos of Canadians double-parked in the Costco lot, extremely long check-out lines and videos of Canadians buying milk.

I’m pretty sure that would be unconstitutional.