Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not A Fist to Pump

August 10th, 2012

So goes the Rime of the Gorilla Juicehead.

What happens when Snooki and JWoWW want to film the second season of their spinoff show on the Jersey Shore, but no one will let them in?

From the Asbury Park Press (seriously!), Point Pleasant said no:

Burbank, Calif.-based 495 Productions requested to tape its Jersey Shore spinoff starring Jenni “JWOWW” Farley and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in Point Pleasant Beach for the second season of the MTV show, Borough Adminstrator Christine Riehl said.

But the borough council, in a rare unanimous vote, stood against the idea this week.

“It’s not what we need at this point,” Councilman William Mayer said.

Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Vincent Barrella felt the council made “a very wise decision” not to approve the show’s taping in their town.

Toms River said no:

495 Productions looked to shoot in Morristown, but later decided against it. The company made a similar request to both Point Pleasant Beach and Toms River and was denied each time. . .  .

Toms River received a letter about shooting specifically in a residential area of the township, but there is an ordinance in the township that puts a stop to the idea, business administrator Paul Shives said.

Are there any First Amendment issues here? I suppose theses towns can deny filming permits based on concerns for health, safety, and welfare (and boy, the Shore gang tends to get in trouble), but I get the feeling that many of these towns are denying the permits on the basis of expressive speech and conduct.

“Seaside gave birth to them and that’s where they need to stay,” he said. “That’s the kind of publicity Seaside wants. It’s not the publicity we want. We are a family tourist destination. That’s what we want to cultivate.”

Is there any free speech doctrine involving filming permits that allows courts to look beyond the stated health rationales to find that the towns simply disapprove of their lifestyle? Is there any caselaw about filming permits?

I know, I’m stretching here, but I gotta help my Jersey-Shore-sisters out!

BTW, my blog has been back three weeks and this is the first Jersey-Shore-related post I’ve written. I am slipping.

H/T Steve, who lives somewhat close to the Jersey Shore.