Congratulations to Larry Ribstein, who was posthumously awarded the Martin I. Lubaroff Award

August 10th, 2012

Truth on the Market has the story. This award, given to “a lawyer who has consistently demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and outstanding service in LLCs, Partnerships and Unincorporated Entities law” is so well-deserved.

Larry’s passing was such a tragic loss for all of us. Here is what I wrote about Larry at the time, while I was on hiatus:

 I am so deeply saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Professor Larry Ribstein. I have never met Larry, but we have spoken on the phone, and emailed countless times, and I hold him in the highest regards.

He has inspired me and I hope I can continue to consider his ideas, and take a second look at legal theory, legal education, and the legal profession.

Larry was a scholar and a true asset to our society. He will be missed so deeply.

I dedicated my article on FantasySCOTUS to Larry’s memory. Prior to his passing, we talked about my research, and he gave me some excellent thoughts.

I am very glad to see that Larry’s memory is going on strong.