E-Discovery Faces: Laura Zubulake

August 8th, 2012

For almost a decade, the seminal e-discovery case has been¬†Zubulake v. UBS Warburg, 216 F.R.D. 280 (S.D.N.Y. 2003). Now, Laura Zubulake, the eponymous plaintiff in that case, has authored a book about her story:¬†Zubulake’s e-Discovery: The Untold Story of My Quest for Justice.

Her goal, she said, is “to elucidate and educate the reader about what really happened during my case. … My case has become famous for the e-discovery opinions, however the underlying allegations were my inspiration that resulted in landmark law. There has been much written about my case, not all of it accurate. I want to explain what really happened, how I perceived and responded to events, and correct misperceptions.”

Update: Law Technology News reviews the book here.