I Won My First Appeal As A Lawyer in Texas!

August 3rd, 2012

Well, it was in traffic court. And I didn’t actually go to court. I appealed online. And I won. So I don’t have to pay a $30 parking citation. Not so much to write home about, I suppose. But it’s a start!

Last week (and my first day at the school), I parked on the street, and paid for two hours from one of those parking meter machines. When I put the ticket on my dashboard I either inadvertently placed it face-down, or when I closed the door the ticket fluttered over. In any event, the time on the ticket was not visible. Seven minutes after I parked, I received a $30 citation.

The Houston Parking Adjudication Office (awesomely) allows online appeals. So I appealed. I attached a photo of the citation I received, and a photo of the parking ticket I purchased, which was valid at the time the citation was issued.

One week later, I receive an email (how efficient) with the judgment from the Honorable Barbara E. Hartle:

Hearing Number: A_68358 Hearing Date: August 03, 2012
Judgment Decision: Citizen provides evidence of valid parking receipt.

That means I win! Today, the Houston Parking Adjudication Office. Tomorrow, the Supreme Court!