Welcome Volokh Conspiracy Readers

July 31st, 2012

Orin, thank you for that warm welcome back. It has been a long year, but I am back. During my hiatus, in addition to keeping otherwise busy, I continued to blog privately, and wrote 2,000 posts, which are now public. I am now an Assistant Professor at the South Texas College of Law in Houston, and am absolutely thrilled.

With the relaunch of my blog, I have a lot of cool new features, including JoshLive, a weekly interactive live video group chat. I hosted the first episode last night, and we discussed whether the litigation strategy challenging the Affordable Care Act backfired. Next week I will interview Shon Hopwood (featured in this New York Times article) about his new book, Law Man. Shon will take questions live.

Thank you all for visiting. And hey, I just left you. But this is crazy. So here’s my info. So follow me, maybe?

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