Drake, Chris Brown, and Their Entourages Brawl In Manhattan Club With Ice and Bottles

June 16th, 2012

Maybe Bloomberg’s gun control laws are working! No one got shot!

The melee bore the marks of storied New York nightclub brawls of yore: star rappers were involved, egos were bruised and revelers got bloodied. But this week’s altercation involving the R&B crooner Chris Brown and the rap artist Drake stands apart in the weapons of choice: it did not, by most accounts, involve guns or knives, but rather airborne cubes of ice, cocktail glasses and high-priced bottles of liquor. . . .

Ms. Clark said she saw Mr. Brown ask a waitress to send a bottle of Champagne to Drake, and then saw the waitress quickly return with the bottle in hand, to Mr. Brown’s consternation. Ice chips were flung at Mr. Brown’s table, she said, and then a bottle was suddenly lobbed from Mr. Brown’s table into the center of the crowd. Three bottles from Drake’s entourage sailed back, she said, and a fourth bottle was heading straight for Mr. Brown when his bodyguard, Big Pat, stepped in. “It just spattered on his head,” she said. “They just started throwing bottles back and forth.”