Mets Consider Appealing Almost-No Hitter – Take Away Hit, Turn it into Error on David Wright

June 14th, 2012

Dickey surrendered only one hit in the Mets’ 9-1 win against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field on Wednesday night.

It came on what was scored a two-out infield single in the first inning by B.J. Upton, a ball on which third baseman David Wright was unable to field cleanly with his bare hand.

Terry Collins said afterward the Mets will appeal to Major League Baseball to have the scoring decision changed to an error, although the manager conceded reversing the decision was a long shot. Dickey agreed, calling it a “Hail Mary.”

“We’re probably not going to win it,” Collins said. “David tried to make it. It’s B.J. running. But what the heck? What have you got to lose except to have somebody say no? You’ve got an All-Star third baseman who comes in and tries to make a play.”

An MLB committee can reverse an official scorer’s decision. A reversal would give the Mets — who had gone 8,019 games in franchise history without a no-hitter until Johan Santana performed the feat June 1 — their second this month.

I gather Rule 11 sanctions and frivolous appeal rules don’t apply to MLB appeals. Though, I’m sure, MLB will take future appeals less seriously if they are so transparent.y

Boy, that must be a boost to Wright’s confidence. Hey, our Third Basemen messed up, so give our pitchers a No-Hitter.

“I tried to make the play. I didn’t make it,” Wright said. “It’s as simple as that. I don’t think I could have got him with the glove. I tried to barehand it. It hit the lip and skipped on me. I didn’t make the play. If they want to go back and give me an error, they can do that. I guess there’s a handful of guys on that team you would have to barehand it and rush it. I wish it would have been somebody a little bit slower, where I could have taken my time and gloved it.”

Wright dryly added: “It’s the first inning. Had I known that it was going to be a one-hitter, I would have tried a little harder or something.”

In light of the fat that Matt Cain just threw a perfect game, I gather people will care a lot less about this almost-no-hitter.

Update: And the appeal was denied.