Need a Doctor? There’s an App for that!

June 10th, 2012

Ringadoc lets you pay a flat fee to instantly talk to a real doctor at any hour of the day, and its big vision to be “the frontline of primary care” has landed it a $750,000 seed round led by FF Angel. So if its 2am and you’ve got some weird rash, you can call Ringadoc’s toll-free number, record a quick description of your condition, and get matched with a doctor who’ll give you medical advice or a diagnosis, write you a prescription, and tell you whether to wait until you doctor’s office opens or go to the hospital immediately. . . .

Ringadoc costs just $39.99 per consultation with no time limit. There’s no appointment to set up, and no need to call your insurance company. You just pay out of pocket — probably less than what you co-pay at the doctor’s office. The consultation could help you avoid an expensive but needless trip to the emergency room, or save you from freaking out all night or weekend until you doctor’s office opens.

Via TechCrunch.