Only Judge Posner Could Get Away With Order Like This While Sitting By Designation

June 8th, 2012

The trial scheduled to begin this coming Monday is therefore canceled.But I will delay entry of judgment until I have prepared a full opinion, because in the course of that preparation I may change my mind. I will merely sketch the grounds for my tentative view very briefly in this order.

He writes his opinions, and writing opinions may change his mind. You know, that is quite refreshing.

Update: And a problem with Judge Posner’s loquaciousness. In a recent post, he wrote:

The institutional structure of the United States is under stress. We might be in dangerous economic straits if the dollar were not the principal international reserve currency and the eurozone in deep fiscal trouble. We have a huge public debt, dangerously neglected infrastructure, a greatly overextended system of criminal punishment, a seeming inability to come to grips with grave environmental problems such as global warming, a very costly but inadequate educational system, unsound immigration policies, an embarrassing obesity epidemic, an excessively costly health care system, a possible rise in structural unemployment, fiscal crises in state and local governments, a screwed-up tax system, a dysfunctional patent system, and growing economic inequality that may soon create serious social tensions. Our capitalist system needs a lot of work to achieve proper capitalist goals.

Grounds for recusal, certainly not.