June 2nd, 2012

So apparently in the Nook version of “War and Peace” all instances of the word “Kindled” were replaced with “Nookd.” Is this some nefarious plot, or some inside joke by Barnes & Noble to punish Amazon. Nah, some putz did a search and replace for all instances of the word “Kindle” an accidentally changed the body of the book:

The best explanation, we think, comes from a commenter on the blog, who says “This obviously wasn’t done by Barnes & Noble, but by the publisher who submitted the book to Barnes & Noble. They created a Kindle version of this public domain book first, realized they used ‘Kindle’ somewhere in their submission, and did a quick find-and-replace to change ‘Kindle’ to ‘Nook’—never once thinking it would affect the book’s text rather than just whatever they put in the title page.”

I once did something dumb like this. In district court, I took a pretrial order where one of the parties was a male (possessive pronoun of his) and changed it to apply to a case where one of the parties was a corporation (possessive pronoun of its).

So what happens when you search for “his” and replace with “its”?

Think about the word “this.”


Judge was slightly-amused.