Black Swan Alerts: “Bath Salts” Turn You Into A Cannibal And Make You Eat Someone Else’s Face

May 29th, 2012

Have you been following this stupid bath salt scare? I first heard of it almost two years ago. A teenager I knew told me that teens were smoking bath salts, or something. I assumed that was slang for crack or something. No, actual bath salts. Over the past few years there has been some moves to ban these salts.


Now I’m blaring the black swan alert. Did you see that story of the guy in Miami who was eating some other guy’s face. A cop shot him to death. Yeah, well it turns out the dude was on bath salts.

Miami police suspect that what caused a 31-year-old man to rip off his clothes and viciously gnaw on the face of another man in a daylight attack on a busy highway is a new and extremely dangerous street drug known as “bath salts.”

A Miami police officer shot Rudy Eugene Saturday after repeated pleas for him stop eating another man’s face. His demands were met with only growls. Eugene continued, and it took four bullets to kill and finally stop him as witnesses watched in horror.

According to police little remained of the victim’s face, with 75 percent of it eaten away rendering him almost unrecognizable. One source says all that remained was blood and the victim’s goatee. ABC News affiliate WPLG identified the victim as Ronald Poppo.

Police have not officially connected Eugene’s behavior to “bath salts,” but experts say he was exhibiting the classic signs of someone high on the drug.

Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of police, who has been in contact with the officer who killed Eugene, says the similarities between this and other recent cases involving “bath salts” are striking.

“The cases are similar minus a man eating another. People taking off their clothes. People suddenly have super human strength,” says Aguilar. “They become violent and they are burning up for the inside. Their organs are reaching a level that most would die. By the time police approach them they are a walking dead person.”

In the law, we would say that the absence of a man eating another man is a KEY DISTINGUISHING factor. Two crimes–one with cannibalism, one without–are not similar.

Oh I love how cops can drive up hysterics very quickly.