If Whites Account For Under Half of Births in the U.S., Is The Term “Minority” Still Appropriate For the Majority?

May 17th, 2012

One thing struck me when reading this article which noted that the percentage of births for HIspanics, blacks, Asians, and those of mixed rates reached 50.4%–greater than the 49.6^ births of non-hispanic whites. Will the term “minority” still be appropriate for these groups if, collectively, they are no longer a majority (in the mathematical sense) in the near-future.

Like this sentence for example:

The trend toward greater minority births has been building for years, the result of the large wave of immigration here over the past three decades.

If the births of the groups that once were minorities exceeds the rate of the groups that once were majorities, wouldn’t the roles reverse?

My question is one of linguistics, though I suppose it is bundled up closely with issues of race.