Constitutional Places: Randolph’s Station in Jefferson County, KY from Louisville & Nashville RR v. Mottley

May 7th, 2012

Speaking of Louisville & Nashville Railroad v. Mottley, I just realized I can see from my window the headquarters of the L&N Rail Road. How did I not put this together? Constitutional Places fail.

And the accident was right here in Jefferson County. I have to go!

“Louisville, Ky., Oct. 2nd 1871”

“The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company, in consideration that E. L. Mottley and wife, Annie E. Mottley, have this day released company from all damages or claims for damages for injuries received by them on the 7th of September, 1871, in consequence of a collision of trains on the railroad of said company at Randolph’s Station, Jefferson County, Kentucky, hereby agrees to issue free passes on said railroad and branches now existing or to exist, to said E. L. & Annie E. Mottley for the remainder of the present year, and thereafter to renew said passes annually during the lives of said Mottley and wife or either of them.”

I found one source that said it was owned by John Butler Randolph, and it was the first station on the L&N.
I found this schedule from 189, but I don’t see anything about Randolph’s Station. There are a few stops that could be in Jefferson County–East Louisville, Louisville, South Louisville, Crescent Hill, St. Matthews, and Lyndon.
I also found this L&N map from 1968, though it is hard to read when I zoom in.