Talk about Cradle to Grave Government

May 4th, 2012

This “The Life of Julia” website feature is disturbing. It shows at every stage of a fictional person’s life (from age 3 till age 67!), government will help her do something–under President Obama’s plan things are good; under Romney’s plan, things are worse.

So, rather than contesting the facts, my point is a bit simpler. This timeline shows how a life would be impacted over the course of 64 years! That is the equivalent of 15 presidential administrations and over 120 congresses. Even if we assume this person was born a long time ago, or will be born at some point in the future, isn’t it a little silly to say that the decisions and policies of a single presidency between 2012 and 2016 will make all this difference? I mean, policies are not set in stone. Future presidents and future legislatures (and future courts) will do stuff differently. This type of advertisement just seems absurd.

Now, if the point is that government can help a person at different stages of their life, I get that. Though it would seem even to the most proud liberal to be a depressive vision of the future. All aspects of a person’s success and well-being comes from the state.

Reason has a libertarian remix of the life of Julia.

And social security will be solvent in six decades? Right.