Mother Lets 5-Year-Old Daughter Go Tanning In Tanning Booth

May 2nd, 2012

Willing to guess where this mother lives? I’ll give you a hint. It begins with New and ends with Jersey.

The New Jersey mother accused of allowing her 5-year-old daughter to use a tanning booth has denied the allegations after she was arrested and charged with second-degree child endangerment.

Although Patricia Krentcil doesn’t deny that the child has been to the tanning salon with her, she says daughter Anna suffered from outdoor sunburn.

“The pediatrician said that she’s got a little sunburn, but it was that only weekend we were out doing the gardening,” Krentcil, 44, said.

It was Anna’s school nurse who noticed she had a rash, and when the little girl told her it was from going tanning with her mother, the school notified child services. Krentcil said that while her daughter was in the room with her at the salon, she was never in the tanning booth.

“I never once in my life let me daughter, especially at that age, go into a tanning booth,” Krentcil said.

Update: Even Snooki, the Diva of the Garden State, thinks that shit cray:

Snooki told Extra, “That b**** is crazy…you are not supposed to take kids there. Everyone knows you are NOT supposed to take kids there.”