52% of Americans Hold Favorable View of Supreme Court–Lowest Level in 25 Years

May 2nd, 2012

Interestingly, the numbers are the same across the spectrum:

 “There are virtually no partisan differences in views of the Supreme Court: 56% of Republicans, and 52% of both Democrats and independents rate the Supreme Court favorably,” Pew reported.

“The weak ratings for the court across party lines stands in contrast to most previous polls, in which those in the president’s party have viewed the Supreme Court more favorably than those in the opposite party,” the reported noted.

And on the health care case:

Indeed, the share of Democrats who view the court favorably (52 precent) matches the percentage of those with favorable views among supporters of the health care law. And the percentage of Republicans who favor the court (56 percent) is virtually identical to the share with positive views among those disapproving of the health care law (55 percent).

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