In Arizona, High Schools Can Offer Classes on Bible as History and Literature

April 18th, 2012

From Religion Clause:

The Arizona Republic reports that Gov. Jan Brewer on Tuesday signed HB 2563 (full text) which provides that public schools may offer high school elective courses on how the Bible has influenced Western culture.  The new law also mandates that the State Board of Education develop standards for courses in History and Literature of the Old Testament, and History and Literature of the New Testament. Among other things, the new law provides that a student may not be required to use a specific translation of the Bible in these courses, and teachers are not to be assigned to teach the course on the basis of religious belief or affiliation. (Bill Summary). TheArizona Republic reports that this makes Arizona the sixth state to authorize high school courses on the Bible.

I wonder if such classes could take a field trip (assuming distance was not an issue) to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. I took a trip there yesterday. It was very, very interesting.