Constitutional Faces: The Unprecedented Line Outside the Supreme Court Before Arguments in ACA Cases

April 11th, 2012

SCOTUSBlog has a great collection of photos of people on line.

In other news, with the assistance of Dan Rice, who camped outside the Court to secure seats for the ACA (and who fed me like a crack addict text updates from the line), I am putting together a list of the 50 people who got into the Court. I intend on contacting, and interviewing them for my book, Unprecedented.

Also, I purchased three domains:,, and (not sure which I like the best). I intend to use one of those web sites as an online companion to my ebook. It will house photographs, podcasts, and video interviews I conduct with people involved with the case.

I wanted to do something like this for, but never got around to it. This will be a perfect opportunity to do so.