Who lived in my childhood home in 1940?

April 5th, 2012

The details from the 1940 US Census are available, and after some digging, I was able to find out some information about my childhood home in 1940. This is so cool (in the nerdiest sort of way). My house is in tract 42-2319.

So my address was 145 Eltingville Blvd. In 1940, the value of the house was $5,200. The following people lived in that home:

  • The head of¬†the¬†household was Samuel K. Hansen, aged 52, from Norway. At the time he had been unemployed for 16 weeks, and was seeking work–but was not employed by a Public works. He states his profession was Carpentry, and he worked in building and construction. My house has really, really nice wood, no doubt thanks to Samuel. He earned only $680 in 1939, working 17 weeks. He had a 7th grade education.
  • His wife’s name, I can’t make out–something like Cagnkild. She is 48, and has a 7th grade education, and born in Norway. She was a housewife.
  • A female, aged 23, born in New York, also lived in the house–the name is something like Gudren. She completed all 4 years of HS. She was employed in “stamp collecting,” and worked 52 weeks in 1939. She received $1404 in 1939.
  • A male, Karl, aged 21, born in New York, who completed four years of high school. He was employed as a Deckhand, worked 52 weeks a year, and earned $1200 in 1939.
  • The youngest, Ruth, aged 16, was not employed.

It seems that part of the house was rented out for $38 a month. I think my parents said that one of the bedrooms on the second floor had the piping for a kitchen. I suspect this is where the other family lived. Or, perhaps, they lived in the basement which has a separate door on the side. Two people lived in the rental unit:

  • Claude Smythe – Head of Household, Male, White, Age 32, Married, Attended all four years of High School, From New York, Employed and worked 48 hours per week as a Policeman for the NYPD. He earned $3,600 a year.
  • Marie Smythe, Claude’s wife, was 25 years old, white, and finished two years of highs chool. She was from Wisconsin. She did not work.

This is pretty darn cool.