Tribe Covers for POTUS

April 4th, 2012

Larry Tribe comes to the rescue, again, of his former student:

Constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe, a Harvard Law School professor and former mentor to President Barack Obama, said the president “obviously misspoke” earlier this week when he made comments about the Supreme Court possibly overturning the health-care law.

Mr. Tribe, who calls the president was one of his best students, said in an interview: “He didn’t say what he meant…and having said that, in order to avoid misleading anyone, he had to clarify it.”

Mr. Tribe said he saw no reason for the president to express his views on the matter, because everyone already knows he wants the case upheld.

“I don’t think anything was gained by his making these comments and I don’t think any harm was done,” Mr. Tribe said, “except by public confusion.”

Patience young grasshopper.

Andrew Cohen thinks the President should give America a con law lecture, must like FDR before him.

So perhaps the real question here is not whether President Obama, the constitutional scholar, has gone too far in rendering his opinion about the Constitution and the Care Act but instead whether he has not gone far enough. The American people may say they know an awful lot about the Care Act and its “individual mandate” — the national conversation over that has gone on ceaselessly now for more than two years. But there is still a great deal of fuzziness over the role of the Supreme Court in evaluating federal legislation, and particularly federal economic legislation, which begs out for more explanation from the bully pulpit. . . .

He already owns the law — it’s called Obamacare now even by those who support it, including Obama himself — so why shouldn’t he be able to answer those questions and many more in public? The exercise wouldn’t “threaten” the Court’s ongoing deliberative process any more than the Court’s public arguments last week threatened Congress or the White House. The justices aren’t infallible. They aren’t delicate flowers who mustn’t be tussled. President Obama should fully speak his mind, now, before the Care Act rulings come out in June. There is plenty he can say about the law, and legal precedent, that won’t bring the Court down. In fact, it just might raise it up. Time for class, Mr. President.

I for one would frickin love such a con law lesson from the President. Total nerdgasm. What would be totally badass is if the President Pro Hac Vice’d and argued before the Court. If Michael Bay ever makes a movie out of my book, that will totally be the finale.