New Book/Article Project: The Libertarian Challenge to the Affordable Care Act

March 30th, 2012

So here is what i’m thinking.

I am already working on a short essay discussing popular constitutionalism and the libertarian challenge to the health care law. I hope to have that done before June. When the case is decided, I will tweak the end of the ssay (though really, the outcome of the case isn’t quite as important). I will submit it to online supplements this summer, and hope to get a publication date in the fall.

I will turn that essay into a full-length law review about libertarianism and popular constitutionalism, focusing on broader concepts like federalism and originalism, with specific applications to Guns (Heller), Health Care (HHS v. Florida), free speech (Citizens United), etc. That will be nice and scholarly. Maybe I can get that done by the March 2013 submission cycle.

Finally, I will work on an ebook focusing on the narrative behind the challenge to the affordable care act. I really almost feel like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern here, as I observed from a close view, but did not directly participate it, all of the steps in this struggle from the very beginning to the very end. The e-book would tell the story of the health care challenge from the very beginning, through all the litigation to the Court, set against the political backdrop of the Tea Party, and the infighting within the professoriate. I could do interviews with Barnett, Balkin, Carvin, Clement, Orin Kerr, Somin, Adler, Volokh, could probably find a way to talk to Dellinger, Katyal, plus a lot of the reporters, like Liptak, Biskupic, Mauro, and others. If I do this as an ebook. I could probably get it on Amazon by late 2013 or early 2014. I’d sell it for maybe $3.99. That’s a good price point.

Ok, that’s my plan. And I’m sticking to it.