Constitutional Faces (Amendments?): The Fate of Prop 2 in Colorado 20 Years After Romer v. Evans

March 23rd, 2012

It seems that Prop 2–deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Romer v. Evans–is still in the Colorado Constitution. Now, there is an effort to get rid of it. From ThinkProgress:

It has been 20 years since Colorado passed Amendment 2, forbidding the protection of gays and lesbians from workplace discrimination, and 16 years since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional, but it is currently still in the Colorado Constitution. State lawmakers Sen. Pat Steadman (D) and Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D), both of whom are gay, introduced a resolution yesterday to try to clean up the governing document by removing the antiquated language. Meanwhile, Focus on the Family is trying to advance a new amendment that would have much the same effect as Amendment 2 by creating a “license to discriminate” based on religious belief.