An e-mail I received from Charles Rehberg, Plaintiff in Rehberg v. Paulk

March 21st, 2012

I just received this warm and touching email from Charles Rehberg, Plaintiff in Rehberg v. Paulk, who found blog posts written by our students on about his case. I’m kvelling.


I am Charles Rehberg, plaintiff in the above U.S. Supreme Court case. I have enjoyed reading the various opinions written by participating students.

We expect the opinion to be issued by the SCOTUS next week, along with a dissenting opinion. While we don’t know which way they will rule, we suspect it will be a 5-4 vote either way.

Please express to the students that regardless of their opinion of the case, I appreciate their analysis and interest.

Warmest Regards,

Charles A. Rehberg

I get so much pride and joy when I see high school students writing about the law on FantasySCOTUS. It just makes me so proud. Now, when one of the plaintiffs who is directly impacted by the Court cases writes, and tell us he enjoys those blog posts, I beam. This email really made my day (which had been pretty good anyway).

I emailed him, and asked if he would be interested in doing an interview for Constitutional Places.