DocketLaw App Calculates Court Deadlines

March 14th, 2012

Robert Ambrogi has the story:

The two main features of the app are:

  • Docket Calculator. Use this to calculate deadlines based on court-specific triggering events. You choose the court, the trigger, and the date and time, and hit “Calculate” to get the result. As an example, if I choose the Massachusetts Superior Court, I can then select from a list of trigger events specific to that court. I select “Motion for Summary Judgment Served,” enter the date and time, select the form of service from a list (by hand, mail, electronic, etc.), and then hit the calculate button. DocketLaw gives me a list of events that follow from that and their due dates. Once I have the dates, I can then email them or add them to my calendar.
  • Date Calculator. This is a straight calculator of court or calendar days from a starting date. It automatically adjusts for holidays observed by the specific court you’ve selected. You can use it to calculate backwards or forwards. Here again, you can email the result or add it to your calendar.

This entire app could be automated if linked to the docket.