Somewhere, Patrick Ewing is cringing

February 23rd, 2012

Because Willis Reed had this to say about Jeremy Lin:

“I thought it was going to be Patrick Ewing,” Willis Reed said. “But maybe it’s going to be this kid.” . . .

“Jeremy Lin reminds me so much of Walt Frazier,” Reed said from his Louisiana home. The captain was watching the Knicks blow out theSacramento Kings, watching Lin run a layup drill — more like an alley-oop drill — through the sorry Sacramento defense, and in the Knicks’ No. 17 all Reed could see was the Knicks’ old No. 10.


“It’s how Jeremy controls the game,” Reed said, “gets the ball to the right people for easy baskets, the lobs he’s throwing to Tyson Chandler — it all reminds me of Clyde. People said Dave DeBusschere was our missing piece, and he was, but to me the biggest thing we did was make Clyde a starter and give him the ball.”