Love and Torts

February 20th, 2012

Two lovebirds getting married met when the groom-to-be wanted to flit with the bride-to-be, so he volunteered to tutor her section of 1L Torts.

Mr. Strauch was so intent on meeting her that he became a tutor of a torts class for first-year students.

He said he had hoped she might want extra help, and he was right; Ms. Edelman showed up. During that first session the students said that their professor had given them a list of issues to keep in mind for the final exam. Mr. Strauch asked a small group, Ms. Edelman among them, if he could copy the list, and she volunteered hers.

Hoping for some one-on-one time, Mr. Strauch then asked Ms. Edelman to accompany him to the law review office to make the copy. He knew very well that the office was already closed.

However, it worked like a charm.

I could make a joke about him showing her the Hand formula, but I won’t.

H/T The only person who actually reads the Times’s Wedding Announcements, Mili