It’s Justice Scalia’s fault (in part) for the 4-6 week delay for Toxicology Reports

February 13th, 2012


Because there’s a backlog. Analysts typically work on multiple cases at the same time, and they’re always behind schedule due to staff shortages. For example: The 20-person team at the Washington state toxicology lab, which will handle the Tamayo-Fajaro screening, handles approximately 10,000 cases per year. To make matters worse, toxicologists often serve two masters; when they’re not in the lab, they’re at court offering expert testimony. In Washington state, lab scientists may spend as much as two days a week on the witness stand while their blood samples languish in a refrigerator.

In court instead of figuring out causes of death! Imagine!

Pesky confrontation clause, with its attendant social costs.