Live by the Gun. Die by the Gun.

February 10th, 2012

A Utah death row inmate wants to be executed by firing squad. No, he didn’t kill his victim with a gun (he beat him to death with a tire jack and tire iron), but I like the title of this post.

In 1988, according to court records, Archuleta and Lance Wood met Gordon Ray Church, 28, at a convenience store in Cedar City and rode with him to a secluded area. At that point, Church told them he was gay, and Archuleta began to engage in a sexual act on Church, but stopped.

The two then bound Church, put him in the trunk of his car and drove to another location nearly 80 miles away.

The two attached battery jumper cables to Church’s testicles in a failed attempt to electrocute him. They inflicted blows to his head with a tire jack and iron, records show. A tire iron was forced inside the college student’s rectum and it punctured his liver.

Church’s body was found with tire chains wrapped tightly around his neck, records show.

The attackers took Church’s wallet and watch, Brunker said.

“They both said the other one did everything,” said Brunker. “Archuleta’s pants were soaked in the victim’s blood. Wood had some blood spots.”