Jeremy Lin and Regression to the Mean

February 9th, 2012

The Times reports on Jeremy Lin, the Harvard-educated Asian-American New York Knick, who has been tearing it up of late.

The two-game anomaly is now a three-game trend. The fluke no longer looks so flukey. The aberration is not fading away. Jeremy Lin is not regressing to the mean, wherever that mean is supposed to be.

Before I even read the excerpt above, I wanted to write about regression to the mean. Now, I see that the Times used it. And oh snap, they stole my thunder. Anyway, three games is not enough to discern trends. Lin plays in Extrimistan!

Update: Lin just had his fourth straight sick game, dropping 38 against the Lakers¬†at MSG. For the time being, the most powerful Harvard educated person is no longer in the White House. He’s at the Garden.

Lin also got a “4.2 GPA, [and a] perfect score on his SAT II Math 2C in the ninth grade.” I trust he is familiar with the concept of regression to the mean.