My Article Dedications

January 28th, 2012

I have dedicated all of my law review articles to dead people I admire.

  1. The Constitutionality of Social Cost, 34 Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 1 (2011) SSRN Ronald Coase
  2. Original Citizenship159 University of Pennsylvania Law Review PENNUMBRA 95 (2010), SSRN James Wilson
  3. Crowdsourcing A Prediction Market for the Supreme Court, 10 Northwestern Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property ___ (2012)  SSRN F.A. Hayek and Larry Ribstein (dearly departed)
  4. Pierson v. Post and The Natural Law, 51 American Journal of Legal History 95 (2011). SSRN John Locke
  5. Keeping Pandora’s Box Sealed, 8 Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy (2010) (With Ilya Shapiro). SSRN The 39th Congress
  6. Equal Protection from Eminent Domain, 56 Loyola Law Review 697 (2010). SSRN George Mason
  7. Youngstown’s Fourth Tier. Is There A Zone of Insight Beyond the Zone of Twilight?, 40 Memphis Law Review 541 (2010) (With Elizabeth Bahr). SSRN George Washington
  8. The Tell-Tale Privileges or Immunities Clause2010 Cato Supreme Court Review 163 (2010) (With Alan Gura and Ilya Shapiro). SSRN John Bingham
  9. This Lemon Comes as a Lemon. The Lemon Test and the Pursuit of a Statute’s Secular Purpose, 20 George Mason University Civil Rights Law Review  351 (2010). SSRN Thomas Jefferson
  10. Omniveillance, Google, Privacy in Public, and the Right to Your Digital Identity: A Tort for Recording and Disseminating an Individual’s Image Over the Internet, 49 Santa Clara Law Review 313 (2009). SSRN James Madison

And who will I dedicate this article to?

The Supreme Court’s New Battlefield, 90 Texas Law Review ___  (2012). Drumroll…. Frederick Douglass! This is probably the last thing I will write (for a while at least) about Reconstruction, so this seemed like a good opportunity. After all, I double-tipped Bingham, thanking him personally, and as a member of the august 39th Congress.