“The hallelujah chorus praising the online mobilization that brought down SOPA are the same folks who claim free business speech corrupts the political process.”

January 20th, 2012

In this case, millions of citizens united did protest SOPA but so did “powerful” corporations. Google used its search homepage to encourage users to sign a petition against the bill. Wikipedia shut down and asked wikipedians to “imagine a world without free knowledge.” Many other sites blacked out content in support of the political cause. Much of this outpouring to inform and educate (or miseducate) the public may well have been illegal under McCain-Feingold if we were closer to November 2012. Where does Justice Anthony Kennedy apply for an apology?

WSJ makes a point similar to my, and Eugene Volokh’s observation about how corporations affected the demise of SOPA. Some irony, huh?