It’s a Jersey Thing: Justice Alito Mourns the Loss of a Trenton Pizzeria

January 18th, 2012

From Tony Mauro:

Samuel Alito Jr. left his native New Jersey behind in 2006 when he joined the Supreme Court. But the state — and its famous “tomato pie” traditions — still have a hold on him.

Alito on Tuesday mourned the recent closing of a Trenton landmark, De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies, where he went for pizza as a child with his family. Except don’t call it pizza. “We always called it tomato pie when I was young, so that’s what it is for me,” Alito said in a statement.  . . .
Asked about the restaurant’s closing, Alito showed he still keeps up with the De Lorenzo family and knows how to satisfy a craving for their pies even after the Trenton restaurant is shuttered.

Said Alito, “The closing of De Lorenzo’s on Hudson Street marks the end of an era. I have many fond memories of going there when I was growing up in Trenton. Fortunately, the tradition that Chick [De Lorenzo] passed on to Gary and Eileen [Amico, Chick’s son-in-law and daughter] is maintained intact by their son Sam at his beautiful new restaurant in Hamilton.”