Change the Content Conversation

January 13th, 2012

In addition to tuition modifications, we should consider strategies for eliminating some of the ancillary costs associated with the first year as well. For instance, digital publishers must be able to produce fairly standardized casebooks that are supported by ads from bar review companies, research services, local restaurants, and other organizations interested in reaching law students.

Instead of prohibitively expensive print volumes, create versions for the kindle or iPad, and offer premium add-ons like videos from professors similar to those BarBri provided when I studied for the bar in 1997. Perhaps it will include interactive outlines and digital flash cards like those made popular by visionary author Kimm Walton. In fact, there are rumors that Apple is hosting an event in late January to address this very evolution of the textbook market.

From a piece about proposed changes in legal education. I recently discovered that the text I want to use in my property class is available electronically. I am 🙂