New Jersey Senator Thinks Presidential Appointee Unqualified; Maybe He Can Select Vinny from Jersey Shore?

January 8th, 2012

I’m sure Vinny knows the deal about Citizens United, unlike Patty Schwartz, failed-nominee to the Third Circuit, whom Senator Menendez thinks doesn’t know strict scrutiny from rational basis, or something like that.

In his statement, Mr. Menendez said that in his interview with Judge Shwartz, she did not “adequately demonstrate the breadth of knowledge of constitutional law and pivotal Supreme Court decisions, such as Citizens United,” the 2010 ruling that struck down many restrictions against corporate spending to influence federal elections.

“In my opinion, she misapplied the application of strict scrutiny versus rational basis review to the questions at hand,” his statement said, referring to two kinds of tests that courts apply when weighing government policies. “She did not express substantive knowledge as to the scope of the rights of corporations under the Constitution or jurisprudence on the constitutional limits of executive branch powers.”

You heard it here first. Vinny for CA3. And I know how he’d vote on the Snooki Tax!