“The only reason these rules exist from the F.A.A. is because of agency inertia and paranoia.”

December 25th, 2011

Nick BIlton, who has written a number of pieces for the TImes about the BS that we can’t use electronic devices during takeoff and landings had a lab test the electrical emissions of gadgets. And guess what he found? The emissions from an iPad and Kindle are so negligible that they   don’t matter. Electrical devices which you can use during takeoff-electric razors and personal voice recorders–emit just as much interference. So why can’t I use my device during takeoff? Bureaucratic bullshit.

When EMT Labs put an Amazon Kindle through a number of tests, the company consistently found that this e-reader emitted less than 30 microvolts per meter when in use. That’s only 0.00003 of a volt.

“The power coming off a Kindle is completely minuscule and can’t do anything to interfere with a plane,” said Jay Gandhi, chief executive of EMT Labs, after going over the results of the test. “It’s so low that it just isn’t sending out any real interference.”

I’m fairly convinced if any candidate for president promised to roll back all stupid TSA security checks and let us use devices during takeoff and landing, he or she would get a lot of votes! Or at least Alec Baldwin’s vote.