Is dressing up like a Christmas tree and parading around the Staten Island Ferry Terminal expressive conduct to oppose the city’s ban on display of all religious symbols?

December 23rd, 2011

Well this dude dressed up like a Christmas tree and chilled in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal to make just that point.

A Christmas enthusiast bummed by the holiday decorations ban at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal spruced up the popular transit hub on Friday.

Artist and activist Scott LoBaido dressed up in a 7-foot Christmas tree costume and paraded around the St. George Terminal for nearly two hours, delighting commuters.

“I couldn’t just place a Christmas Tree at the terminal,” LoBaido said. “So it became my costume.”

“Everybody was just smiling and laughing and that’s what the whole spirit of Christmas is,” he added.

And for once this is not Bloomberg’s fault!

The city Department of Transportation said last week it was advised this year against putting up Christmas trees, menorahs and other holiday decorations at the terminals, even though it had in the past. Mayor Bloomberg defended the decision, saying the “Department of Transportation got sued one too many” times.

Occupy Staten Island!

H/T Militza