Pastmapper “provide maps of cities as they were in the past, complete with local business information, accurate streets, and even changes to things like hills and coastline”

December 16th, 2011

I suppose this is like Facebook Timeline. ┬áThe HuffPo headline says it all: “ Is Google Maps For Time Travelers”

Thompson’s ultimate, wildly ambitious plan is to expand Pastmapper to every city at every time in history for which information is available. “Imagine being able to look back in time at your neighborhood, to see how businesses and landmarks developed,” he writes. “Your local cafe might have been a saloon, or a speakeasy, or a soda fountain–or all three, at different points in time.”

A permanent index of how things were in the past, just as I wrote about in Omniveillance—a veritable time machine!

As distinguished from previous forms of public monitoring, this new form of surveillance will be omnipresent, as it can record vast areas of space over a very small period of time. It provides the users of this system with omniscience to know everything happening in a specific location at a specific time. Furthermore, this information will be indefinitely retained, and easily accessible. When future versions of this technology is properly implemented, it will be possible to enter a time, date, and location, and witness what happened at that moment as if you were there. It is a virtual time machine.

Though this could be cool for Constitutional Places. Imagine seeing where Lochner’s baker resides today!