NCAA Won’t Pay “Student-Athletes” $2,000 Stipends

December 16th, 2011

The NCAA is putting its $2,000 stipend on hold.

The governing body said Thursday the number of schools seeking an override had reached 125 — the necessary number to suspend the rule until it can be reconsidered by the Division I Board of Directors at January’s NCAA convention.

The board passed legislation in October to give some athletes an additional $2,000 toward the full cost-of-tuition, money that would go beyond tuition, room and board, books and fees. Some schools have expressed opposition because they believe it violates the NCAA’s philosophy on amateur sports. But most are concerned about compliance with Title IX rules requiring schools to treat men’s and women’s sports equally, or the budget hit athletic departments will face with incoming recruits next fall.

From ESPN. I suppose the NCAA has other things on their mind now. Ahem.