“With new legal issues arising from the use of computers in business and government to manage information, some schools are teaching students software code as well as legal code to solve systemwide problems.”

December 4th, 2011

Computers! Code! From a controversial New York Times editorial on the “american legal education [system] in crisis.” Oddly, I haven’t seen any blogs take issue with the above-excerpted quotation, which to me seems quite important–and a niche for my pedagogy.

Dan Katz talks to just this point at the computational legal studies blog:

It would be hard for me to disagree with any of these (particularly the last one). However, I would add one very large missing element – technology. Where is the discussion of technology? Legal informatics, legal information engineering, the global legal supply chain, soft AI, etc.  It is barely mentioned in the Segal article and it is barely mentioned in the NY Times editorial.  It is actually the most important thing on the list (because it touches nearly every practice area) and it will define the future of the legal employment market.