Hey Justice Stevens, Ima letchu finish, but you’re not on the Supreme Court anymore and you should chill

November 16th, 2011

Kanye really needs to interrupt JPS and tell him to calm down. Justice O’Connor has made waves for talking about cases a bit here and a bit there, and campaigning to eliminate judicial elections. Justice Souter, well, I’m sure he is enjoying his retirement in New Hampshire. But JPS, seriously. Discussing Kelo, praising Circuit Judges for opinions that will soon come before the court, and deriding Justice Scalia at every opportunity! I know you have a book to sell, but chill a bit. You retired. Live with it.

Update: A 2L at Alabama, commenting on the importance of seeing Justice Stevens, said, “There’s only nine of them so I didn’t want to miss this.” Fail. Justice Stevens is not one of the Nine. As I said above, he retired. Even if you consider the retired Associate Justices in the lot, then there are 12 (including Stevens, Souter, and O’Connor). See!