Wild Turkeys Roam Free on Staten Island

November 6th, 2011

Is it just me, or does this article make Staten Islanders look really stupid?

The fact that Thanksgiving is around the corner has elicited about as much compassion as the crows received in the Alfred Hitchcock horror movie “The Birds.”

“I hope they’re not the same species,” Fara D. Mitchell, 35, an elementary school teacher and lifelong Staten Islander, said of the birds and her holiday entree. Turkeys carved up for the holidays are breeds cultivated from the wild turkeys that were domesticated more than 100 years ago, but their descendants have been bred to have different features and are so heavy they are unable to fly.

Wait, don’t answer that.

Though, I will tie this to the Second Amendment. In Heller, Breyer dissented and noted that there is no valid interest in hunting in an urban environment. I beg to differ!

The state has rejected efforts to transfer the flocks to more rural counties, where turkeys normally forage — but where the Staten Island flocks, officials fear, might not adjust well after acclimating to a human habitat. The Staten Island turkeys cannot be hunted, either, because they are protected with prescribed seasons and areas, none of which are within the city limits.