Top 10 Comments from AALS

October 16th, 2011

This past weekend I had a number of interviews at the AALS hiring market. Here are the top 10 comments/questions I received.

10. Do you ever sleep? (I got this question several times)

9. So what do you blog about?

8. Do you plan on slowing down your writing after you start teaching?

7. Sorry, we don’t shake hands. (I considered fist pumping)

6. Do you think the history of the Second Amendment actually persuaded the Heller majority?

5. I presume you would be interested in teaching constitutional law?

4. We sit in the “cool wing” of the law school.

3. So are you working on anything new?

2. Shouldn’t you be making a million dollars with FantasySCOUTS rather than teaching at a law school?

1. Leave it to a George Mason Grad to plot liberty on a graph and explain the tiers of scrutiny in a new way.

For honorable mention, I made a joke questioning whether the New York TImes still has a print edition. A Professor said that some of us are quoted in the times. I replied that I was quoted in the Times last year, and my mom bought a few copies. That got a chuckle.