IJ Fights for Food Trucks

September 7th, 2011

Great piece in WaPo.

So how has Gall repaid his friend for this insider information? By fighting on behalf of Washington food-truck owners? Nope. By focusing his attention on other cities, where street vending faces threats even more dire than in the District. The Institute for Justice, a self-described “libertarian public-interest law firm,” launched its new National Street Vending Initiative early this year in Texas and has since expanded it to Atlanta (where city officials had decided to reserve all public property for a single vending company) and Chicago (where aldermen have proposed rules so severe, they could cut off vending in the entire downtown area). The institute even released a report, “Streets of Dreams,” which reviews vending regulations in the country’s 50 largest cities, including Washington.

“We’re constantly looking all over the country, including every single city that’s included in [the report] as a potential litigation target,” says Gall. “Unfortunately, it’s a very target-rich environment.”